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How Do I Create ICA Files

Nice article from Daniel Feller on how to create ICA shortcut. Very interesting. Source : How Do I Create ICA Files Advertisements

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Auto launch Citrix published apps in Chrome

Since Google disabled NPAPI support in Chrome browser XenApp and XenDesktop publications autostart doesn’t work anymore. This script can help you to set up ICA (or whatever) file autolaunch in Chrome for all users.

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Audit PowerShell changes in event log

I was thinking the time when I was trying to automate the Storefront configuration and want to share my tips on how I discovered how to do it in this very quick post. As you’ve probably seen in XenDesktop Studio,

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PVDisk – free space on disk doesn’t reflect space used

Hi all, I recently deployed VDI in a Box for a customer who ask me this question : “We set up 60GB per PVDisk in VDI manager but we only see 30GB free on the p:\ drive of the deployed

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StoreFront 2.5 unattended install and config

Hi. Today, I will explain how to setup a StoreFront server from scratch with Powershell. I will follow my previous post and just unattend it. For This first try, I didn’t join an Access Gateway (Netscaler Gateway) instance. But I

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New Citrix License configuration

If you want to configure license server for your XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x farm, there is some new things to know. You cannot configure license server(s) through policies. It is annoying as sometimes it is interesting to set multiple license servers for

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