New Citrix License configuration

If you want to configure license server for your XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x farm, there is some new things to know.

You cannot configure license server(s) through policies. It is annoying as sometimes it is interesting to set multiple license servers for a single Site (Farm). License server address is set directly by studio, when you connect it to your license server.

If you have to open network port for each flow in you environment, you probably need the Citrix PDF “Communication Ports Used By Citrix” (new version available here). Note that you now need the 8083 port to configure your site from the XenDesktop Studio console. So, your DDC must have ports 8082, 8083 and 80 opened to access the license server. It is not needed for VDA agent to obtain a license but it is needed to set license server in your Site.


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One comment on “New Citrix License configuration
  1. Thomas says:

    Good to know !

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