Errors creating PVS 7 Farm

Today, I had to create a farm from the PVS configuration Wizard. It’s quite similar to previous version. Even for the errors…

Lesson 1 : RTFM & RTFB

The eDoc say :
The following MS SQL permissions are required for the user that is running the Configuration wizard:
– dbcreator; for creating the database
– securityadmin; for creating the SQL logins for the Stream and SOAP services .
At my customer, my wizard account is dbcreator but not Security Admin. But the eDoc said again :
If the user does not have sufficient SQL privileges, a dialog prompts for a SQL Server user
that has the appropriate permissions (dbcreator and securityadmin).
Wonderfull, let’s go, I’ll provide my sql service account when it will be prompted…. No luck, I’m still waiting for the prompt. Forget the last lines and set your user as dbcreator AND securityadmin.
So RTFM but Read This Blog too 🙂

Lesson 2 : Keep old KB in mind

Now, the wizard account has all the permission but another error occurs. Here is an extract of the log file :
[13:46:54:021] Error: Exception while creating farm:
 [13:46:54:021] Error:
 Creating Farm...FAILED. FAILED.
 [13:46:54:021] Error: MODIFY FILE failed. Specified size is less than or equal to current size.
 MODIFY FILE failed. Specified size is less than or equal to current size.
This error tells you that the wizard has failed to expand the database size to 20Mo.
Don’t ask me why my customer set the default database size to 275Mo…
As it is describe in this still accurate CTX article, you have to use dbscript.exe, which is a wizard that helps you to generate an SQL script. When the script is created, edit it and delete the rows related to database resizing.

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