Minimize language bar in systray – Seamless Apps

The tip I want to share today is very simple but I didn’t found that info on Internet.

I have some published apps on a Citrix XenApp 6 Farm. By default,  when you launch a publish application, the language bar is launched and visible as a floating langbar. This language bar could be interesting for some users (my russian users, who use 2 keyboard layouts) and annoying for others (my french users, those who pay me). Of course, you can reduce the language bar.

When I googled “minimze citrix language bar”, I found the Citrix article… Interesting but the resolution steps completely remove the language bar for all users.

My favorite tool ProcMon helped me one more time to solve this issue. I trace user activity when I reduce the language bar and founded the key you can implement to reduce the language bar by default :


Hope it helps !

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